What is the annual nomination deadline?

July 1 is the nomination deadline for candidates being considered the same calendar year.  However, Liberty Fellowship accepts nominations throughout the year. Therefore, if you have missed this year's deadline, please submit your candidate now for consideration next year.

What are the age requirements?

South Carolina residents between the ages of 30 and 45 are eligible. The candidate must not have turned 46 by July 1 of the current year to be considered.

What are the education requirements?

None. Education of Fellows ranges from no college degree to post-doctoral work.

What are employment requirements?

There are no specific employment requirements. However, the majority of each class comes from the business sector.

What is the leadership requirement?

Successful nominees will have a history of meaningful civic and community engagement that includes positions of leadership.

Do credentials of the nominator matter?

No. There are no "bonus points" for credentials of the nominator. All that matters is that you see the potential for leadership.

What is important for nominees to understand?

Nominees need to have a clear understanding of the required commitment.

Fellows must participate in five multi-day seminars over a period of 18 months. They must complete required readings before the seminars take place. They must identify and initiate a leadership project that will be underway by the end of the seminar experience. Finally, Fellows must be willing at the end of 18 months to articulate and follow through on the actions they will take to make South Carolina a stronger state.

How many are nominated each year?

It varies from year to year, but about 100 new candidates are nominated each year. In addition to new nominees, all previous nominees are considered as long as they are age-eligible. For any class, as many as 400-600 candidates might be in the pool for consideration.

What is the selection process?

Interview. Every newly elected candidate is interviewed by the CEO.

Formation of a Class Mosaic. There are more bright and competent candidates than places available. A critical task is to bring together the strongest candidates in a class that – as a whole – reflects South Carolina in all its rich diversity. Considerations include creating an optimum cross section of gender, geographic, urban/rural, political, social, occupational and ethnic characteristics.

What if a promising candidate is not selected?

The good news is that every nominee remains in the active candidate pool until he or she ages out. Many candidates are selected three, four or even five years after they were nominated.

The candidate does not need to be nominated again. However, it is a good idea for candidates with a strong interest to submit updates – particularly in the areas of career and community or state engagement. 

What if a great candidate ages out?

This happens. Unfortunately, many highly qualified leaders may not fit the mosaic for a specific year or years. The good news is that they can become a part of the Liberty Fellowship community by making nominations and potentially acting as Mentors.

Can I save an incomplete form to edit/submit later?

Once you begin a nomination, you must complete it in its entirety- it cannot be saved and returned to later.  Please make sure you have the candidate's photo, resume, address, date of birth and other information before you begin the nomination form.  All of the required nominee information is shown in step 1 of the nomination form.  Step 2 is where you will enter your contact information.