Former South Carolina Democratic Chairman Jaime Harrison co-writing a book about working in politics

September 20, 2017

COLUMBIA — As speculation circulates about his future ambitions, former South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jaime Harrison has inked a book deal to write about life as a political staffer and how to succeed in government work.

The book, titled "Climbing the Hill: How to Build a Career in Government and Make a Difference," will be co-authored with Republican strategist Amos Snead.

It is scheduled for release in late 2018 from Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Crown Publishing and Penguin Random House.

The bipartisan duo have been thinking about the book conceptually for several years, Harrison said, and they have already written several chapters. The book will include their own lessons from working on Capitol Hill with their respective parties, as well as incorporating interviews with other current and former Hill staffers.

Political books are often used as a launching pad for higher office, an opportunity for prospective candidates to share their life stories and world views. So does Harrison have aspirations beyond a book deal?

"I've always been interested in running for office," Harrison told The Post and Courier. "Lately I've been thinking about it more than I have in the past. We'll see. It has to be the right office, the right opportunity, and it has to be a good time for my family."

U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn has pointed to Harrison, one of his former staffers, as a potential successor whenever the 77-year-old Columbia Democrat decides to retire. Many other South Carolina Democrats are expected to be interested in that race, given it is the only reliably blue seat in an otherwise red state.
In the meantime, Harrison is focused on his current day job as an associate chair and counselor at the Democratic National Committee, a position he took on after running for the national chairmanship earlier this year before withdrawing ahead of the the election to endorse eventual winner Tom Perez.