seminar table

Seminar Schedule

Barring personal emergency, Fellows agree to be prepared for and attend all seminars over an 18-month period. Four of the seminars are held in South Carolina, and Fellows select their fifth seminar from among several Aspen Institute Globalization Seminars.

  • The Challenge of Leadership - a five-day seminar focusing on the qualities of leadership necessary to master the forces of change. Fellows discuss their own leadership challenges and develop criteria for effective, enlightened leadership.
  • The Aspen Seminar - a five-day seminar that gives the Fellows the opportunity to explore the concept of "the good society" and their leadership role in making it a reality. Set on Pawleys Island, Fellows present and discuss prospectuses for their leadership projects.
  • Leading in an Era of Globalization - a six-day seminar exploring the challenges of leading in an increasingly complex and intertwined world.  This seminar is offered in a variety of locations around the world and taken with other Fellows from across the Aspen Global Leadership Network.  Time is set aside for Fellows to discuss progress in the implementation of their leadership projects. 
  • The Promise of Leadership - a four-day seminar in which Fellows explore the concepts of legacy and life balance and share the progress achieved, challenges encountered, and lessons learned from their leadership projects.
  • The Call to Action - a four-day seminar focusing on strategic collective action by the Fellows as they tackle South Carolina’s biggest challenges. 

Dates for the Class of 2023 seminars can be found here.