Breaking through obstacles. Building understanding.

Crossing barriers and barbed wire of divergent political, social and ethnic views, Fellows form deep and lasting friendships with peers who often think very differently. Sitting face-to-face for many hours with Fellows who may be polar opposites is invigorating. 

Visible and invisible differences abound - one Fellow may be from generations of wealth and another from generations of poverty. Perhaps one holds a Ph.D. and another never finished college. Feedback from Fellows is clear: different is good. Fellows, even those with trepidation at the thought of dialogue with those viewed as adversaries, learn to value and respect differing perspectives.

Liberty Fellowship introduces bonds that are deep, honest and provide a resource of easy access to natural allies and those whom Fellows would never have encountered in another setting.

Why does that matter? It is a powerful realization that peer-leaders, despite stereotypical differences, all share a deeply held desire to take action to solve pressing problems in South Carolina.