Nurturing world-class collaborative leaders committed to South Carolina.


Liberty Fellowship is an incubator for exemplary leadership in South Carolina. Members of the Aspen Global Leadership Network,  Fellows make a lifelong commitment to use their creativity, network, and energy to move South Carolina forward. 

Fellows begin their experience within a seminar series for 20 leaders who are selected each year from a pool of nominations. Over 18 months, these Fellows meet together during five seminars where they discuss readings using the Socratic method of questioning. Discussions are text-based, and Fellows read an eclectic mix of material — from Aristotle and Plato to current day events — all reflecting on leadership and "the good society.”

Each class reflects the rich diversity of South Carolinians and is carefully pieced together to create a unique mosaic of perspectives and experiences. When selected, Fellows range in age from 30 to 47 years old. They are successful, active in their communities, and at a point of inflection as they contemplate moving from success to significance. Most importantly, they share a passion for progress in South Carolina.

Transcending divisions that have traditionally impeded progress in South Carolina, Fellows form deep and lasting friendships with peers who often think very differently. Sitting face-to-face for many hours with Fellows who may be polar opposites is invigorating. Liberty Fellowship expects and encourages Fellows to challenge one another’s ideas respectfully in conjunction with our commitment toward engaging a multitude of perspectives. However, the Fellowship will not accept nominees who express hate or intolerance toward others based on their particular ideas or identities.

Started in 2004 as a collaboration of co-founders Anna Kate and Hayne Hipp, Wofford College, and the Aspen Institute, Liberty Fellowship today is a vibrant network of over 310 Fellows across South Carolina.